Admissions Procedures

A qualified practitioner may become a Consortium member either through recommendation or upon successfully completing an application process.


  1. An existing member makes a recommendation to the admissions committee.
  2. If the committee agrees, the member making the recommendation informs the prospective member of our interest and either suggests a review of the Consortium website or provides a packet containing our mission statement, admissions criteria, and all other relevant pages from our site.
  1. If the candidate expresses interest after reviewing the website or the packet, he or she is invited to the next meeting for an informal interview. Alternatively, committee members may set up an interview in the practitioner’s office at some mutually convenient time.
  2. After the interview, the committee meets to review the candidacy. Approval requires consensus, so that if one person reasonably objects, the admission will be denied.  If everyone is positively disposed to grant admission after the interview, the committee may choose either to pursue further inquiry, such as through an office visit, personal/professional references, or records of continuing-education attendance, or, if satisfied of a prospective member’s suitability, may immediately vote in favor of admission.

The committee might elect to dispense with the rest of the review process especially in the case of a prospective member with whom a majority are well-acquainted either by reputation or professional association.


  1. Any interested practitioner may initiate the application procedure, either by copying and printing the form from the website, or by requesting ( that a paper copy be sent via U.S. mail.  Please review the website thoroughly before undertaking the application process.
  2. If you choose the website option, you may complete the application in one of two ways:
  • Copy the form directly from the website into a blank Word document and type in your responses below each question.
  • Create a new Word document titled Consortium Membership Application and type in your responses without copying the questions. Simply number the responses to match the question numbers on the application form.

Feel free to answer each question in as much detail as you wish.  If a particular item is already on your resume or CV, you may simply reference that item (“See resume/CV”) instead of reproducing the information on your Word document.

  1. Print, sign, and date the completed application and send by U.S. mail to Michael DeRubertis, Treasurer, Northeast Ohio Consortium, 3866 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115. Include a check for $25, payable to Consortium of Independent Health Care Practitioners.   The application fee is non-refundable, but it will count toward the $100  first-year membership dues if the application is approved.
  2. Each member of the admissions committee reviews the application, and the candidacy is discussed at the next meeting. The committee then decides whether to bring the practitioner in for an interview or to reject the application.  Meetings are held monthly, so please allow up to 30 days to receive a response.
  3. After an interview, the process follows the same course as for those who come to us by recommendation.