Consortium Admissions Criteria

Admission to the roster of Consortium practitioners cannot be purchased.   Instead, qualified individuals who apply or receive an invitation to join are granted membership if their philosophy of patient care, and the conduct of their practices, agree with the entirety of the Consortium mission statement.   We require that our practitioners:

  1. Consistently conduct their practices outside the conveyor-belt approach to patient care that typifies the prevailing health care model.
  2. Devote the time necessary to address the specific needs of their patients rather than satisfying corporate demands to improve “productivity” and the bottom line.
  3. Seek to uncover the underlying causes of their patients’ conditions instead of merely treating symptoms.
  4. Work in a solo or small-group setting, not a large corporate entity.
  5. Maintain all appropriate certifications and licenses and have earned one or more of the following credentials: M.D., D.O., D.C., N.D., P.T., L.Ac., L.O.M.P. (or D.A.O.M or a comparable credential at the doctoral level), Ph.D., L.I.S.W. (or a comparable psychotherapy credential), L.M.T., O.T., R.D., D.D.S, D.P.M., and N.P. (or C.N.S.).
  6. Pursue an ongoing interest in expanding skill sets and professional knowledge beyond the minimum continuing education requirements of their disciplines.
  7. Enjoy an outstanding reputation among colleagues and patients alike.
  8. Produce, on request, peer, patient, and personal references attesting to the quality of their professional care and performance.
  9. Participate in community education about their fields, conduct seminars for colleagues, or engage in other outreach activities that promote expanded understanding of their specialties or particular approach to practice, or that otherwise demonstrate professional engagement beyond the confines of the treatment room.
  10. Allow members of the Consortium admissions committee to interview them, visit their workplaces by appointment, and, at our discretion, perform a routine background check.
  11. Remain free of monetary affiliations with other Consortium members (except if they work in the same practice).
  12. Understand that membership can be revoked if the Consortium board determines that a member no longer satisfies one or more of the above criteria.