How We Approach Patient Care

If the “care” seems to have gone missing from your health care experience, and you feel more like a cog in a fast-paced assembly line than an individual whose care team truly accounts for your unique circumstances, consider how the practitioners who make up the Consortium conduct their practices.
All of us, whatever our specialties, subscribe and adhere closely to each of these standards:
  • We are either solo practitioners or members of small, independent practice groups. We owe no allegiance to the corporate medical giants dominating American health care, and have no need to bow to the time and productivity pressures prevalent at high-powered large-group practices.
  • We treat each and every person who walks through our doors the way we ourselves would want to be treated in a medical encounter.
  • That means we can and do devote the time necessary to address your specific therapeutic needs and to answer all your questions as thoroughly as we can.
  • At each encounter, we seek to uncover the underlying causes of your condition instead of merely managing your symptoms.
  • We do this by first making a careful assessment of your health issues and then explaining our findings in a way that is understandable and empowering.
  • We then develop a treatment plan tailored to your particular circumstances, not drawn from a cookbook of generic therapy options.
  • You stand at the center rather than on the sidelines of your own recovery. To enable your active participation in the treatment plan, we enlist your cooperation and arm you with the tools to make it count:  information, exercise regimens, dietary recommendations, lifestyle advice, referrals to other practitioners if needed, and whatever else is pertinent to your individual situation.
    • Without rushing, we work to correct your condition as efficiently as possible. We do not prolong treatment in order to pad our revenues.
    • We pride ourselves on our skills in our respective disciplines and on our patient outcomes. But we abhor complacency and are always striving to improve our practices as well as expand our professional knowledge.
    • Finally, we stand by our pledge to focus always on patient welfare and treatment success, and never to sacrifice those values to the bottom line.