Mission Statement

The Consortium was formed by individual health care practitioners in Northeast Ohio who have chosen to work outside of institutional and large-group medical settings, and who subscribe to a model of care that differs fundamentally from the profit- and productivity-oriented business model that has grown to dominate so much of American medicine.


All of our members work either as sole practitioners or in small groups devoted to patient-oriented practice. Whatever our specialties, we uniformly reject “cookbook” and “cookie-cutter” approaches to patient care. Rather than viewing patients as the sum of their symptoms or their diagnoses, we appreciate each person’s unique presentation, the multiplicity of factors that have shaped both the health and the dysfunction we encounter, and the need to respond in a fashion that accounts for this complexity.


Consortium practitioners are dedicated to developing individual care plans for each patient or client, spending a substantial amount of time at each session, offering high-quality skills in our respective disciplines, and otherwise focusing on the specific needs of those who have placed themselves in our care.


Our members have no monetary affiliations with one another, but do share a professional bond based on our common interest in reclaiming and applying these principles that we believe embody the truest practice of our disciplines.