Consortium Purpose and Structure

The purpose of the Consortium is strictly to offer carefully screened options for excellent, dedicated health care to medical consumers seeking something other than what is available through the current institutional model. It is not to provide an advertising vehicle for practitioners seeking to enhance their reputations through favorable association, nor is it to create a revenue stream for anyone in the Consortium through sale of any such advertising.



All participation is voluntary, and no one, including our charter members, receives a salary, stipend, or other financial consideration for work done to develop or advance the organization. (An exception would be for assistance given to those wishing to establish new Consortium chapters outside our original members’ practice area of Northeast Ohio.)

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New members do pay a first-year entrance fee of $100, and all members, including the founders, are charged $25 per year to renew. But those funds go solely to defray our administrative costs. The chief such expenses pertain to constructing, revising, and maintaining the Consortium website, which allows public access to the information we have put our minds and hearts together to organize. Neither the Board nor any other members derive a profit from the dues. However, the founding members may recoup their original outlay for website construction.


The Consortium’s charter members comprise the original board of directors and act as the admissions committee. As growth of the organization warrants, other members may come to rotate onto the board, which meets monthly, and to participate in admissions review. But at least two founding members will remain on the board at all times.