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Peter Geller, L.Ac., L.O.M.P.


Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine

Years in practice



Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (NY),
1994-1997. M.S. in traditional Oriental medicine.


Licensed acupuncturist (NY, 1998; OH, 2005).
Licensed Oriental medicine practitioner (OH, 2014).
National board certifications (NCCAOM, 1998):
Diplomate of Acupuncture
Diplomate of Chinese Herbology


Current: Northeast Ohio Consortium of Independent Health Care Practitioners. Founding member.
Ohio Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.
Former: Acupuncture Society of New York.


General practice (including internal medicine
conditions, pain, and smoking cessation);
women’s health; psychological and emotional


Initial consult and treatment:
2 hours.
Follow-up consults/treatment:
1 hour
Initial herbal consult, no treatment:
1 hour
Follow-up herbal consults, no treatment:
30-45 minutes


Whether addressing mild back pain of recent origin or complex women’s health issues that span decades, I devote the time needed, both inside and outside the consulting room, to understand, assess, and design appropriate treatment for each of my patients—and then take the time to carefully perform the treatment that the plan suggests.

The process begins with a detailed medical history, including current primary and secondary complaints, treatments to date, history of older and apparently resolved conditions, status of general body functions such as sleep and digestion, and childhood and family health.

From this intake, I often trace a narrative originating many years prior to the appearance of recent symptoms yet directly bearing on the presenting problems.

Using the methods and thinking of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I then work to uncover what TCM calls the “patterns of disharmony” that underlie the current symptoms. These pattern diagnoses in turn point to acupuncture point prescriptions and herbal formulations designed to resolve the problems at hand. Treatments are modified as the patient’s condition changes, but are always aimed, in varying measure, at both the symptoms and the deeper patterns that generate those symptoms.

Treatment, though, constitutes only one leg of the journey back to balance, harmony, and health. I fully engage patients in their own care by explaining my findings as understandably as possible, and by outlining strategies to address those findings. More often than not, dietary and lifestyle factors play an important role in the current health picture, so willingness to modify harmful patterns will figure in the success of the outcome. Finally, in keeping with TCM’s brilliant insight that the internal causes of disease are none other than the emotions, I will point out how past and current emotional influences, both blatant and subtle, may affect the body’s organs and energy patterns, help shape the specific imbalances the patients are experiencing, and thus be compromising their health.

While schooled primarily in the modalities of TCM, I remain conversant with important concepts from other branches of integrative medicine, including modern dietary and nutritional principles. I may raise issues and introduce information derived from those sources, as well as suggest Western herbal and nutraceutical options where I believe these might further benefit a patient. By the same token, I will readily recommend practitioners and treatments outside my areas of expertise, where such referrals would either complement a TCM approach or would better serve a patient’s needs.


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