Who We Are

The Consortium is not a medical group practice, but a group of like-minded health care practitioners of diverse backgrounds and specialties.

We have come together to recapture and champion patient-centered values and practice styles that have all but disappeared in the relentless corporatizing of American medicine.  Bucking the trend to aggregate into ever-larger commercial entities or otherwise place profits above patient care, we choose instead to focus on the original purpose of medical practice:  the health and well-being of those who seek our services.

Our not-for-profit organization is not designed to provide either a revenue stream or an advertising vehicle for practitioners, but to serve as a clearinghouse for medical consumers seeking alternatives to assembly-line medicine.

The Consortium does not act as an intermediary in arranging consultations or treatments with its member practitioners, and it receives absolutely no fees or other financial consideration for “clicks” on member profiles or actual contacts made through a search of our website.  It exists purely to facilitate connections between medical consumers and health care providers who subscribe to the Consortium’s principles and practice guidelines.

All contacts are initiated by prospective patients or clients using the links and contact information located on a practitioner’s profile page.

In addition, practitioners can’t buy their way into the Consortium.   Instead, they must either be known to us personally or by outstanding professional reputation, or undergo a rigorous screening process to assure our membership board that they indeed represent the values and practice standards we uphold.

Finally, members have no monetary affiliations with one another (unless they happen to work in the same practice).  We do share a professional bond of mutual respect and pride in striving to uphold the highest principles and truest practice of our disciplines.